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Baonecci Restaurant since 2005

Authentic Italian Dining

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Taste some of the most typical dishes from Lucca that you can only find in Italian houses.  Our pizza has become extremely popular in the past five years for its uniqueness, with a style so diverse from other pizzas around the city that you simply must try it if you consider yourself a pizza connoisseur.

If you are looking for an authentic culinary Italian experience, you found just the right place. Baonecci offers you delicious and traditional entrees from a Tuscan menu and thin-cracker, mouth-watering pizzas, each one hand rolled for you by Mamma Stefania. Baonecci offers handmade pastas made fresh everyday topped with Stefania’s amazing sauces. Everything is made from scratch here. You'll be amazed by the freshness and quality of each plate and you'll be comforted by the friendly Gambaccini family who will make your experience even more "Italiana”!!

We know… our fare is not inexpensive, due to high quality ingredients used for each dish, plus for the love of an Italian woman that puts her heart in every dish that she cooks for you.. As we say in Italian “ non si può avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca” “you can’t have both a full caraffe of wine and a drunken wife” 
Buon Appetito! 
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Fortunately for American lovers of Italian baked goods, Walter Gambaccini noticed a little sign on the door of the old Danilo Bakery as he visited San Francisco three years ago. Since his oldest son Elia was a baker, and his family had hoped to one day move to the US, he quickly called a family meeting and they decided to buy the bakery together. Today Walter, Stefania, Elia and Filippo are the proud owners of Danilo Bakery. Before purchasing the Danilo Bakery, Walter and his family were living in his hometown of Altopascio (Lucca), Italy where he had for twenty-five years owned a beauty salon and worked as a professional hairdresser. Although they have added new products and made improvements, the Gambaccini family continues to offer the traditional fare of the original Danilo Bakery. The Gambaccini family had moved to San Francisco in 2005 and bought caffè BaoNecci at the time called Danilo Bakery. They had with time made improvements so to become a Pizzeria/Restaurant that is called Baonecci today. Stefania cooks for you what she used to prepare for her family so for good connoisseurs like you there's nowhere like BaoNecci. Taste some of the most typical dishes from Lucca that you can only find in Italian houses. Our pizza has become popular in the last five years for the diversity of its style so diverse from the others pizza around the city. Its a pie not for hungry people but for whoever wants to try an hand-made delicacy. The dough is elastic and thin that becomes so crispy after being cooked in our stone electric oven. The tomato sauce is made with 100% San Marzano pomodori without any additional. We chose all the best quality ingredients that we can find from our Italianimporters. We don't exaggerate on topping our pizzas with too much cheese or sauce,  because we believe that each ingredients has to be tasted singularly to make a distinguishable  job at the end. These are some of the reasons why patrons have nominated our pizza one of its kind. Now is your turn to step inside this little gem in North Beach and taste it yourself. Enjoy!

Danilo Bakery

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Now Baonecci

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